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Why Choose Systems 24-7


We are a technology consultancy that’s speak business. Systems 24-7 was founded by Phil Yeoman 1996 in response to his frustration at the lack of understanding that IT companies had about the world of business. Although Phil was a trained engineer he had worked for over 10 years in the leisure industry and he decided to bring that customer focused approach to technology provision.


"We only undertake work for which we have been trained and have an in-depth understanding." Many consultants will say they have the relevant experience. We don't use customers as a test bed. All our advice and services are provided based on robust best practice backed up by in field experience.


We are not in business for the one-off sale. We build relationships with our clients that continue well beyond the end of the project. We want ongoing relationships where we gain a deep understanding of your business so we can tailor your technology strategies for the future.


We look to the future. As clients of Systems 24-7 you can expect us to inform you off changes in the technology sector that could save you money and give you competative advantage. 


We are in this for the long hall. Systems 24-7 has been trading since 1996. Our longest customer came to us in 1999 and we are still providing them with the services that have allowed them to grow over 500% in 20 years. 

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