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IT & Business Strategy Alignment

We believe aligning the IT and business strategies involves more than combining them into a single document. Under this model, every aspect of the IT strategy should support the goals of the business.

This means that every IT-related investment, activity, service or project must create or optimise business value. Additionally, to further improve alignment, IT should be looking to achieve business-related metrics. Not IT related ones.

Alignment is not the sole responsibility of IT though. Leadership teams need to be aware of their IT resources, something often neglected. They must also understand how technology plays a role in their business’ effectiveness. And how it can impact their competitiveness as well as the speed of response to market change.


The key to an aligned IT and business strategy is mutual leadership and accountability. IT must increase accountability for their results, but they must also hold the business accountable for IT.

Systems 24-7 have a long history of working with businesses to achieve alignment. We speak business and know how to drill down to find the areas where IT can really make a difference.

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