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Complete IT Solutions

Companies tend to grow organically and often procedures are adapted to support this growth. When a business looks to make efficiencies, the solution is often to implement an IT based solution to replace a manual process.

To gain real efficiencies it is vital to know the unknown, in other words to speak to someone who has wide knowledge and experience of tailoring hardware and software to maximise its positive impact on the process.

Many IT solutions companies know software, specifically their software. They will shoehorn their solution into the business and often mirror the manual process it is designed to replace.

Systems 24-7 take a different approach. We look at what you are trying to achieve, what your expectations are, is the budget reasonable and even whether this is the best use of your investment.


If after looking through the data, we believe the project is viable we present you with several alternative approaches which could provide the desired outcome. We work with you to understand each approach and to focus on which one you wish to use.

At this point we will outline a project plan, timescales, and resource requirements. Once signed off we work with suppliers to deliver your project to cost and time.

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